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The Christian Separatist Website is here to provide Christian separatists with information and help them meet other Christian separatists. We need to support each other in prayer, by sharing information, fellowshipping and encouraging each other. It’s time for True Christians to unite and stand together.

In this day and age we are bombarded with talk about what a Christian is suppose to be, by those that are not even Christian. Most of the so called churches are led by pastors that get their training and inspiration from those that hate our God. They tell us to praise those that hate our God and teach the opposite of what the Bible teaches.

It’s time for Christians to separate from those that teach the perverted doctrines of men. We need to spend less time worrying about what the world teaches and more time studying what our God teaches us. We won’t learn this from listening to the so called pastors that teach a politically correct message they learned in seminaries that are often owned and controlled by those that hate and reject our God.

If you’d like a place on the internet to fellowship and study the scriptures with True Christians click on the chat room or message board links at the top of this page. You’ll find people that need to hear the True Gospel as well as those that have a good understanding of the scriptures. Unlike many popular so called Christian chat rooms and messages boards, you’ll see our forum is Christian.

The Christian Separatist Website is an online Christian Forum for True Christians and those seeking Biblical truth. Many websites claiming to have a Christian Forum, or a Christian Chat Room are owned and moderated by those the bible calls antichrist. This is why the doctrines of men dominate some of the most popular “Christian Forums” and “Christian Chat Rooms” and those preaching the truth are often moderated, or banned.

The Christian Separatist Website has a True Christian Forum and a True Christian Chat Room to provide an environment where Christians from different schools of thought can come together to exchange ideas, information and fellowship with those of like mind. We are Christians and there is nothing Judeo about our Christian Forum, or any True Christian.

There are no membership fees for our Christian Forum and Christian Chat Room, we simply ask that you follow the common sense rules of our Christian Forum when you are posting on our Christian Message Boards, or when you are in our Christian Chat Rooms. Remember our Forum is a Christian Forum, so please treat other Christians on our Christian Forum as you'd like to be treated.

Our Christian Forum welcomes Christians from different schools of thought to post their questions and opinions, but we are a Christian Forum and we will not debate non believers and those of other religions. John 6:65 KJV “And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.”

We can't provide a friendly Christian Forum if we allow proselytizers to use our Christian Message Boards and Christian chat rooms in an attempt to shake the faith of those that worship and serve Our God. True Christians are those that follow the teaching of the Holy Bible. There are many claiming the title of Christian that allow the influence of antichrists to direct their path and they embrace the opposite of what the Holy Bible teaches on many topics, but we will not allow the antichrist to use this Christian Forum to deceive Christians.

Christians from different schools of thought will be discussing sincerely held beliefs here on this Christian Forum, that may be different then your own and the discussions may become quite lively at times. Please be courteous in those discussions and remember that it's OK to disagree with people, but insulting, or name calling is not acceptable on our Christian Forum.

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